Reversi Deluxe

Reversi Deluxe 1.0

Un programa de prueba para Windows‚ por Ninjalab

Reversi Deluxe es una aplicación popular y de prueba solo disponible para Windows desarrollada por Ninjalab. Ver descripción completa

Reversi Deluxe es una aplicación popular y de prueba solo disponible para Windows desarrollada por Ninjalab.

Información adicional sobre Reversi Deluxe

Esta aplicación está optimizada para usuarios con S.O. Windows 98 y versiones posteriores, y solo está disponible en Inglés. Su actual versión es 1.0 y se actualizó en 18/06/2012.Desde que la aplicación forma parte de nuestro catálogo de programas y apps en 2012, ya tiene 844 descargas, durante la última semana se descargó 0 veces.Respecto a Reversi Deluxe, es un programa que requiere mucho menos espacio libre que la mayoría de las aplicaciones de su categoría.

Reversi Deluxe is a new strategic board game, which is highly intellectual and presents a new version of the old classic game. Being specially created for grown-ups, Reversi Deluxe challenges you to reveal your intelligence and logic to win. 4 levels of difficulties, 4 game modes and a dynamic rating system are available. An optional cooperative model lets two gamers play together in the game.

The game involves the play by two parties on an eight-by-eight grid with chips. You should place your chip in such a position that exists at least on one straight line between your chip and the new one with one or several chips of your partner between them, thus you capture all your partner?s chips lying on a straight line. When neither player can move, the game is over and you will have to start again. The player with more chips on the board in the end wins.

Once the game is won, you continue playing on the next level with increased challenge.
Selecting four different game modes you may play with different opponents in the tournament, win seven games in a row and become a champion in the reversi cup model, play with another person and test your skills being limited by time.

The game play is easy to learn, absorbing and highly addictive. While it might seem a simple game, it's not an easy one. Whereas the first version is fun for a few minutes, the repetitive game-play grows stale in a short order. It's fun if you are good at it - and probably even more fun if you are not.

Reversi Deluxe


Reversi Deluxe 1.0